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The work

Harriman Law advocates for accident victims, injured people, and for employees who have been mistreated in the workplace. The firm represents injured parties and employees against more powerful, larger interests and does so in an accessible and responsive way.

Located in the center of Boston’s Financial District, Harriman Law provides a level of personal service that is unrivaled at larger firms.

Harriman Law also offers a broad spectrum of litigation services for clients in need of leveraged dispute resolution.

Effective advocacy. Personal Service. Exceptional results.

The commitment

You’ve been the victim of an accident, you’ve been injured, or you’ve been damaged at work.  I work hard to make it right.  Harriman Law recovers damages for accident victims, injured people, and for employees who have been mistreated in the workplace.  Damages.  Recovered.  A simple premise, executed in a straightforward way with incredible results.

The Lawyer

After several years litigating with one of Boston’s premier litigators, Attorney Michael Harriman founded Harriman Law in 2015. Mike advises and represents clients in a wide variety of litigation-based civil matters with a focus on personal injury and employment law and workers’ rights. Mike’s litigation success includes the resolution of many multiple six figure personal injury and employment matters, the recovery of substantial unpaid wages for workers, and the resolution of many discrimination and retaliation-based employment matters. Mike has also served as litigation counsel on commercial and residential real estate transactions, beneficiary-driven trust litigation, estate and probate matters, and various business-related disputes. Mike spends almost two thirds of his life not being a lawyer and is comfortable admitting that.  During this downtime, he likes to visit the beaches of New England with his wife and daughter. If you’ve worked with Mike in the past, then you already know that he doesn’t always work like other lawyers.  Always standing at his desk, and always accessible to his clients, Mike never loses his sense of humor while litigating, a trait that helps him form personal connections with his clients and one that goes a long way toward getting things done. Mike has a deep affinity for the places he has previously lived, including Charleston, South Carolina, and the island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.  He enjoys meeting and knowing Boston-based ex-pats from these warmer places. Mike’s clients like him: see testimonials.  More than anything, Mike enjoys doing good work for good people.

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